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Service Core and Applications
Broadband Access
Radio Access
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Operations and Business Software
Service Core and Applications
Broadband Access
Radio Access
IP Transport
Operations and Business Software
Operations and Business Software
Operations and Business Software

Meeting operators’ challenges

Operators´ business models are evolving. Players in the business-value networks of service provisioning face several new choices, such as which assets to develop and which roles to target to profitably provide higher value for their end-users.

These end-users expect internet-like services access independently, but they are not ready to compromise on design or a delightful user experience. Key business processes are customer-centric.
To meet the end-user needs, information is the key for making the right business decisions. These challenges drive the role of OBS from network to business management.  OBS helps map the business processes to the network and provides business insights into service usage and performance.

Integrated Provisioning
The Nokia Siemens Networks Integrated Provisioning Solution provides powerful tools for workflow modeling, service configuration and their activation onto networks and devices. It uses a future-proof, scalable framework for activating mobile and fixed services.
The solution from Nokia Siemens Network will help operators and service providers to :
Increase revenue by improving the end-user experience

  • High quality, reliable services reduce churn
  • Enabling attractive service portfolio to meet both mass and niche market needs
  • Automated service development and provisioning reduce OPEX
  • Supporting end-user demand for Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Increase top line with rapid service introduction
  • Automated service development for early introduction and smooth maintenance
  • Automated provisioning to minimize interaction with your help desk
Connect people, process and systems efficiently
  • One tool for enhancing internal cooperation and business transparency
Service Management
Enabling smarter, faster capitalization of market potential

Service management – the business opportunity
Service providers face rapidly growing competition. Key to their success is being able to take advantage of potential growth while minimizing their cost structure. Total revenue for value-added services is estimated to be €188 billion in 2010. To capture the business opportunity there are several areas on which to focus :
  1. Cutting time to market A 20% reduction creates a big opportunity and keeps the service providers ahead of the competition
  2. Extending contract life-time Value from each customer life-time can increase by 22%
  3. Easing service take-up Provides potential 20% growth of ARPU
  4. Turning customer and service data into business insights Helps define what is the right service offering
Service management – enabling your business now
Customer-centric service management solutions from Nokia Siemens Networks enable you to focus on growth and customer satisfaction. The end-to-end service management solutions from Nokia Siemens Networks provide you with a complete set of solutions from service development and activation, provisioning to service assurance and inventory management. Our passion lies in driving your OSS system into a dynamic business asset. With intelligent service management tools from Nokia Siemens Networks you can make the most of it, for example by :
  1. helping product and service development in device capability analysis and service launches
  2. providing marketing & sales with campaign success reports and service usage analysis
  3. supporting customer care in detailed service/subsriber records and recent log-files
Nokia Siemens Networks wide expertise in telecommunications enables us to develop robust, real-time applications addressing multi-vendor networks, the complexity of service value chains, and the need for automated operations and business processes. All this helps you to focus on end-user satisfaction and business development.
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