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Service Core and Applications
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IP Transport
IP Transport

The underlying mechanism for all fixed and mobile networks.
Consumer applications, internet growth and exciting new services have resulted in an explosive growth in bandwidth demand over these networks. Nokia Siemens Networks offers operators the tools, experience and support to ensure that their fixed and mobile networks are as robust, reliable and cost-effective as possible.

IP Transport solutions overview :
  • Carrier Switches
  • DWDM
  • Microwave Radio
  • Next Gen Metro
  • IP Connectivity

Carrier switches
Meeting the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) standards for metro aggregation and metro core carrier-grade networks, these switches enable convergence of Triple Play and business customer services over the same network infrastructure.

The modular design with a variety of service cards preserves the network’s ability to scale-up with a growing number of subscribers and bandwidth demands. The fully redundant and very high capacity design, with the support of Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) mechanism, guarantees highest service availability and network resiliency.
The combination of different technologies in one platform, such as Ethernet, MPLS and the latest PBT/PBB-TE, enables the switches to be applied to large scale carrier networks, allowing operators to realize reductions in deployment and operational costs.

DWDM – economic bandwidth expansion

Minimizing the cost of increased network capacity in the face of declining revenue per volume
Agile photonic networking – the key to increased profits
SURPASS hiT 7500/7300 solutions, complemented by our world-class technical expertise and service, enable you to :
  • Establish a DWDM service faster than your competitors – using automated provisioning and upgrades, we can get your DWDM service up and running in hours instead of weeks
  • Choose your bandwidth to match your service offerings – up to 40G per wavelength capacity is available on demand. Existing DWDM can be upgraded by plugging in a 40G transponder
  • Drive down your capital and operating expenditure – our advanced technologies mean less hardware is required, which means lower equipment costs CAPEX (equipment costs) and reduced operating expenses for your business

Microwave Radio
A lower cost transport network for profitable new data services

Microwave Radio – the low-cost, high-capacity transport network solution
Microwave Radio from Nokia Siemens Networks portfolio provides an end-to-end solution for streamlining your voice and data backhauling. JRWNS together with Nokia Siemens Network Product can help you:
  • Decouple cost from capacity with microwave radios Microwave radios enable cost reduction from leased lines
  • Hybrid backhaul concept delivers efficient bandwidth usage Service differentiation with the right Quality of Service
  • Adaptive modulation doubles capacity and cuts costs More capacity from the same antennas, same spectrum – equals lower cost
  • Unique BTS/RAN integrated transport boosts profitability Optimized OPEX and up to considerable percent CAPEX savings in radio links
  • One-stop shop for all transport solutions optimizes your total cost of ownership

Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPP) – Next generation Metro
A reliable, cost-efficient infrastructure for revenue-generating services – now and for tomorrow’s business

MSPP – enables your business
Nokia Siemens Network delivers a world-class MSPP solution with a future-proof and cost-efficient transport infrastructure enabling you to :
  • Reduce capital expenditure – Solutions based on NG Metro can save CAPEX compared to technologies such as pure packet solutions
  • Reduce operating costs – All services (including triple and quadruple plays) run over one single converged network
  • Smooth migration – Packet-enabled networks based on established SDH technology
  • Improve flexibility –  Provide any carrier-class service, at any service level, on any system, at any time to any customer
  • Satisfy your customers – Lower infrastructure costs enable you to invest in the services your customers demand

Innovation – the future of broadband
Enabling operators to capitalize on standardized high bandwidth

IP networks
Nokia Siemens Networks product offers its partners best-of-breed, carrier-grade IP solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of fixed, mobile, or hybrid network operators..

The feature-rich IP multi-service router products ensure or enable :
  • high performance – essential for real-time services, e.g. VoIP, Video, IPTV, etc.
  • Quality of service (QoS) management
  • reliability – any outage means a loss of revenue
  • scalability – pay as you grow
  • Terabit/s – extremely high bandwidth capacity
  • security – unauthorized access, manipulation of data etc.
  • policy control

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