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Service Core and Applications
Broadband Access
Radio Access
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Radio Access

Maximize your profit with a leading multi-radio solutions
An innovative radio access solutions help operator to increase revenues – with mobile broadband services and high end-user service quality – at minimized OPEX and CAPEX over the entire lifecycle. Based on Nokia Siemens Networks unique portfolio of 3GPP and broadband wireless access technologies, ICN can deliver radio access solutions optimized for your business.


Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)
Enabling operators to capitalize fully on the huge uptake in ICN broadband access solution

BWA solutions

Our state-of-the-art applications offer :
  • industry-leading BWA portfolio
  • fast deployment – quick revenues
  • HSPA upgrade costs up to 50 percent lower than competing vendors’ solutions
  • twice as much WiMAX coverage as competing vendors’ solutions
  • smooth evolution path to LTE
  • transmission savings of up to 60 percent
  • simplified network architecture already includes I-HSPA

System and Product Area
We know subscribers churn for a variety of reasons. Their biggest motivational factors for staying with an operator include :

  • the price/performance ratio in relation to other providers
  • the number and quality of innovative data services on offer
  • network coverage, in other words, being able to use their mobile  phone everywhere
  • clarity of calls

Mobile WiMAX - an E2E solution for a new ecosystem
With end-to-end solution for the deployment and operation of WiMAX networks from ICN, ICN can provide the true potential of wireless broadband. Mobile WiMAX is capable of delivering a unified stream of voice, data and video – all at lower costs that allow you to open new doors to customer satisfaction and profitability.

Mobile WiMAX will enable operators to provide cost-effective broadband wireless access for hundreds of users from each base station. You can offer both mobile and fixed services by deploying networks based on Mobile WiMAX. Deploying Mobile WiMAX can be a key differentiator.
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